The Heavy events are probably the most iconic part of the Highland Games and comprise a series of throwing events. Light and heavy Scots hammers weigh around 16 lbs (7.2kg)  and 22lbs (10kg). You may spot the long spikes on the atheletes' boots to help keep their footing when hurling the hammer - a local innovation pioneered in Glenlivet!

The light (16lbs, 7.2kg) and heavy (22lbs, 10kg) stones, taken from the local river, for putting (like a shot put) were roughly hewn from local rocks. 

One of the most exciting events sees the competitors spinning to launch an iron ball-and-chain weight as far as they can. The two weights are  28lbs (12.7kg) and 56lbs (25.4kg) with the world record for the heavier weight set at Tomintoul in 1992 - 48 feet and 1 inch (14.65m).

Athletes also throw a 56lbs (25.4kg) weight over the bar that is raised as the competition progresses.

Possibly the most impressive of the Heavy events is tossing the caber. There is no standard weight or length for a caber - a tapering trunk - but it is usually selected to be beyond the powers of all but the best competitor to toss end-over-end. Assuming any competitor manages to flip the caber over, the best points are awarded using a clock-face pattern (with 12 o'clock the best).

New for 2024, we have an Open Female Heavy Competition involving the light hammer, light stone, 28lb weight for distance, weight over the bar & caber. This event will be run to RSHGA rules. If you are interested, please contact the Secretary, John Shewan for more details.