It isn't all serious competition with a few entertaining events including:The Barrel Race - the aim is to push a whisky barrel (empty!) uphill as fast as possible using only a broom handle. This event is, we think, unique to Tomintoul and originated in distilleries where the warehousemen indulged in a little light relief at lunch time competing against one another.

The pillow fight… well, that is a bit of a misnomer since with heavy sacks filled of straw, but participants fight from a pole suspended off the ground. The pole has worn smooth following many years of combatants, but fall off and you lose!

Tilt the Bucket - an event for teams of two, one on the barrow and one to push. Much like practising your jousting, the object is to pass a pole through a hole in a wooden board. Easy? The hole is small and an error will leave you soaking…